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Fuck the Mainstream


Don't let someone else catch your dreams.
You be the dream catcher.

I was born in Yerevan, Armenia. Since I was a child, I've been deliberately listening to the heartbeat of the world.
I am addicted to beautiful, one of a kind, and creative. Beats, breathtaking sunsets and amazing people have driven me my whole entire life.

I invite you to listen to my music and find yourself in another dimension!
Whether it is one of my mixes or a live performance, I always aim to come as a whole with my audience,
make them burst in a climax, and resonate with them 'till the end.
As an inspiring DJ, I am never afraid of going beyond the imaginary, looking for rare folklore motives
and sophisticated patterns and weaving them into my music. Try me out!

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My News

Your Mind -- This mix contains a variety of genres, some including Techno, Deep House, Nu-Disco, and a light touch of Afro Techno House. I used both Deep and Minimal Techno as a starting point. I’ll let the mix speak for the rest, however I’d like to note that I spent enough time riding the subway to let my subconscience in it. This arrangement placed 73rd Tech in Mixcloud.

3 weeks ago Listen on Mixcloud

La Luna -- In this set, I deployed genres such as Deep House, Tech, and Techno. I used Ethereal Techno as a reference genre, as it is more elusive. At around 3 at night, I peeked at my window and noticed a very bright moon - as if it were summoning me. For this, I named my set “LA LUNA”. This arrangement placed 89th Tech in Mixcloud.

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Feel Free... -- This is another set that associates with genres such as Deep House, Tech, and Electronic. The “gradients” for this mix were more east-like, maybe even shamanic. Looking at the sunrise, I went on creating this sort of set. This arrangement placed 96th Tech in Mixcloud.

2 months ago Listen on Mixcloud

Try It -- In this set, you'll hear Deep House, Tech, and Electronic vibes. I wanted to make a softer Deep House sound with a small touch of Electronic, by adding Tech for more dynamic. I had this in mind when I was walking down my street at the time when it was raining.

2 months ago Listen on Mixcloud

I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact!
If you prefer to be contact via phone please let me know.

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